the Register Of Merit (KCHRR club)


MultiCh.,ClubCh.,JCh. Tusani Extra Spice ROM
was awarded ROM title in memoriam by KCHRR club
Spice left us a year ago...so it is little sad for me, but we are happy with her new title. Spice has 5 champions in her offspring.

Aman Manwë, Badawi Manwë, Dream Phoebe Manwë, Damira Dayo Manwë, Dakarai Django Manwë
2x Interchampion
4x GrandChampion
4x ClubChampion
24x national Champion
1x ROM

Tusani Extra Spice


C.I.B.,GrandCh.,MultiCh.,ClubCh. Badawi Manwë ROM
Badawi was awarded ROM title by KCHRR club. Badawi has 6 champions in her offspring (from 2 litters).


Fumi Skye Manwë, Furaha Ashiq Manwë, Fuwaad Finn Manwë (USA), Hayati Manwë, Hiru Masawi G´Musana Manwë, Habi Nago Manwë (Canada)
1x Interchampion
4x Grand Champion
7x Club Champion
17x national Champion + junior Champion
...we are waiting for other championships soon...

Badawi Manwë

A lot of thanks to all owners. We are happy and proud of you!!!